Personal Experience, Summary and References

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Personal Experience

Knowledge Management and Organizational Learning

In my experience Knowledge management efforts typically focus on organizational objectives such as improved performance, competitive advantage, innovation, sharing lessons learned, integration and continuous improvement of the organization. Knowledge Management efforts may overlap with Organizational Learning, and are distinguished from Organizational Learning by a greater focus on the management of knowledge as a strategic asset and a focus on knowledge retention and organizational competence. It is seen as an enabler of Organizational Learning, which encourages sharing knowledge and focuses on organizational effectiveness metrics related to knowledge.

Summary of Knowledge Management and Organizational Learning Processes
Methodology Knowledge Creation Knowledge Capture Knowledge Storage Knowledge Transfer Knowledge Application
Knowledge Retrieval Knowledge Flow
Examples incident review documentation repositories discussion forums workflow procedures
Likely to need IT*? No No Yes Yes No
Discipline** KM CM IM OL KM

*IT - Information Technology support, for KM and OL also referred to as KMS (Knowledge Management Systems) support

**Discipline Key:
KM - Knowledge Management
CM - Content Management
IM - Information Management
OL - Organizational Learning

Continuing Education

For continuing education and to remain up to date with new efforts in knowledge management and organizational learning there are several conferences to check out. This list will get you started. It will be updated periodically.